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I invite you to tell me what you’d like to co-create. I’ll get back to you with my thoughts. If I can help, we’ll set up a free consultation.


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You’d like me to work with you collaboratively to showcase your specific ideas.

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You’re looking for a Fiverr-style generic video.

People are Saying

Majik Media & Majik Kids has worked with Theo on a few video and podcast projects. Theo is organized, creative and fun to work with. I highly recommend a creative collaboration with Theo!

— Bradley Morris
Majik Media & Majik Kids Founder

Working with Theo in his role as editor of my podcast has been a game changer for me. Theo’s mastery of the craft of audio editing and his expertise in storytelling has made all the difference to the professionalism and quality of my podcast. I can’t imagine doing an episode without him now! 

— Carrie Herbert
Art Therapist & Sori Podcast Host

I asked Theo to help edit a great deal of dance footage down to a coherent and attractive video story. Working with Theo was harmonious, efficient, inspired and light-hearted. I’m grateful for Theo’s understanding of audience, his artistic vision, patience, clear communicating, caring, flair and technical skill. Totally successful result.

— Maikan Bordeleau, Dancer

Project Portfolio


Bring across your business or idea in an eloquent, interesting way. First we hone the narrative, the flow of ideas, then we add photos, original artwork and animation etc to bring the points to life. My video above, and the one on the home page of this site, are also examples of this.


Logo animation, illustrated artwork for tarot decks, original illustrations to bring across your ideas.

Music Videos

A marriage of rhythm, melody and visuals like animation and footage.

Podcasts & Audio Books

Editing, intros, outros, coaching, promotional materials like audiograms (short animated clips with audio from the show) and narration.

Media Coaching

Coaching to help you film in your location, improving your quality of delivery as well as of the audio and video, using inexpensive equipment you have available.

Combination Services

All of the above and if there’s something else you have in mind, just reach out and ask.

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