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New! Story Shapes II: Structuring Intricate Plots

This course elaborates on a visual method for planning stories.

It is now available for a premiere savings from the link below.

This course takes you through planning a story visually and explores 6 different story shapes. Check out the course trailer here.

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This course is about brainstorming story ideas. Watch the course trailer here.

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People are Saying

My brain was lit up with new pathways of thought.

— Annie Christina
Bespoke Seamstress

Theodore has a playful way of engaging people to see things in different ways and encourages discovery and creative flow, allowing for structure and imagination to co-exist in beautiful ways. 

— EvaMarie Padmanabhan
Birth & Death Doula

This work loosened up my grip on how I should tell a story. It felt liberating.

— Jessie White
Spiritual Artist

Theo's incredibly fun exploration led me to a completely new way to present and people were riveted in a way I'd never seen before. 

— Katie Colormaiden
Designer, Writer, Developer

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