My Father and the Sun

I want to help my father find the island of the sun, but I’m afraid he’s losing his mind. He was such a strong leader for our people. Maybe he’s a better leader now than ever, and I’m a bad son for doubting him. If there really is an island with a passage to all the cosmic civilizations our scriptures speak of, then I have to help Father find it.
But if there isn’t, I don’t know how I’ll stop him.



The sun rises in the east, thus the entrance to the sun also lies in the east.
-Yanta speaks, 1.1


“A healer showed me a text, a diary of a woman who entered the sun and returned. Her name was Matra. We know of no one else who came back. They all disappeared, to us at least. But she wrote of that place.”


Father’s eyes narrowed into slits. “She saw a chamber there, with paths leading in all directions. They led to civilizations which thrived on many worlds. Through one portal she saw only light. She asked the Sun-god about this, who said that beyond that light lay spirit.” This last word left Father’s lips like a curl of smoke from a ceremonial fire.