Gentle Warrior


11 - doubt Economy-Ecology-Spirit

Gentle Warrior
There is
Toxic masculinity
Cutting femininity
blazing up for World War 3

Military Politics
Hierarchy dirty tricks
Listen to no one
Let’s get this dirty job done
Call it honour, just fire the gun

We hack manhood
Down past its boyhood
No risk taking fun making
Your forefathers sinned
Made this mess we’re in
Never tried for selfless wins
And you’re just like them

Chivalry and gallantry
Emasculate, domesticate
Box that passion so you won’t hate

Men’s tyranny in history
Was countered by their bravery
Protection, direction, life injection

Appreciate, resuscitate, council and rejuvenate
Help him find the goodness in his weeds
Help him learn which beast he wants to feed

Selfless and protective
a leader who’s reflective
A warrior who fights a gentle fight
A masculine flame
That isn’t tamed
But burns like a campfire in the night

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