The writing of B.T. Lowry

"Some writers are great stylists and will write beautiful stories that say nothing new or important. Other writers are great storytellers whose tales are exciting but mundane. Only rarely do we see a writer who creates compelling, important stories with captivating prose. B.T. Lowry is one of those rare authors whose work is not only compelling and moving, but also important to read."

— David Farland, New York Times Bestseller, Lead Judge for one of the world's largest writing contests.

"It started with Fire from the Overworld, and now I am hooked. I look forward to each new piece from B.T. Lowry. His engaging fantasies take us enough out of our own reality to explore a thought provoking mix of themes such as seeking truth and the divine, finding what is essential as cultures clash and environments collapse, and individuals' need to define their own path in a greater society."

— Ann Tharp, Vice President of Gaudiya Vedanta Publications

"Lowry’s writing style has beautiful passages of description that easily transport the reader to the kingdom of Raiya. Interspersed and inspired by mythology and oral storytelling, the book’s world has a richness that is the perfect backdrop to an epic story of good and evil."

— Alison McBain, Author, speaking of Fire from the Overworld