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StoryPaths is a loose confederation of creatives. We are writers, artists, musicians, animators and goat-llama hybrids. We like to create multi-branched, multimedia stories to shed strange light on our wonderful world: its ecology, its history, and its people... like you.

I'm B.T. Lowry, aka Venu Gopal das. I'm the founder of storypaths and the multimedia author of many of the stories here.

I grew up in Canada, where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains. I love badland landscapes with knobbly stone hoodoos and deep ravines. I love forests with pine boughs mounded with snow and deep silence. I love the Himalayas, whose peaks defy gravity as they fall upward into the sky.

When I was about twenty, I met my spiritual master, Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja. I’ve spent the last fifteen years or so studying bhakti-yoga under his guidance, mostly while living in India.

I’ve loved creating and hearing stories all my life. Now I’m working to infuse my work with spiritual experience. I pray you find these stories deep, exciting, challenging and hopeful.

Your input and collaboration is welcome. Do drop me a line below.

B.T. Lowry (Venu Gopal das)

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